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Download DVD43Free "Older Version 4.1"

"Newst Version" DVD43Free Version 4.6

DVD43Free Info.."Info:DVD43 decrypts DVD movies. DVD43 only works on Win2K and WinXP. If you have Win98 or WinME, use DVD Decrypter (use 'Mode' 'File') which allows you to rip all the files of a DVD to your hard drive and then copy with your favorite copy software. Just Insert the DVD you want to copy and wait for DVD43 to detect it (smiley face turns green). Start your DVD copy software and copy your movie COMPATIBLE SOFTWARE: Nero Recode, Intervideo DVD Copy, 1Click DVD Copy, Pinnacle DVD Copy, I Copy DVDs, Roxio DVD Copy and many more.
To Instasll:..Run the setup file which installs DVD43 and leaves a happy face icon on your task bar. DVD43 will run in the background and decrypt movies on the fly.

Here is a direct download of google's new web browser called chrome
Download Chrome
Or you can download it here from google's website Chrome

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