Frozen Bubble

frozen bubble is one of my kids favorite games.
you will find frozen bubble bundled free with most linux OS

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Once the applet is fully loaded (Splash screen), just click on it to play
Use left/right keys to turn, shift or up keys to fire
Use 'M' to switch between normal and colorblind modes
Use 'S' to enable/disable sound
This online game was initially made by Taito in 1994. It was then called Puzzle Bobble or Bust..a..Move. In the 90's David Dobson made an enhanced variant of this game, called Snood. The game is amazingly basic, yet numerous players likewise observe it to be frustratingly hard on occasion. frozen Bubble requires concentration and coronation. frozen Bubble is thought to be a troublesome game that requires a ton of expertise. Another name for this game is Bubble Up
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