This Chess game works best running windows 98 with screen size set at 800x600 with internet explorer 5 and should work with newer versions of windows and internet explorer.
Chess peices do not seem to show up in mozzilia firefox web browsers.

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Two Player Chess

A chess game for you and your friends to enjoy.
This game does not seem to work well with firefox
but seems to work fine in most versions of internet explorer.
In this game you can not play accross the internet with an apponent
but rather your apponent needs to be sitting next to you the old school way.
This is simply a chess board and I think this is the most enjoyable way to play
while looking your apponent dead in the eye. so stare em down
To begin with you need to get the eye of the tiget like in the movie rocky or maybe lern to look at your oppontent
kind of the same way the woman stares her husband down in a eggo commercial.
Your one color on one side of the board while your
apponant is another color on the other side of the board.once you have leanred
what moves each chess peace can make you then need to map out
your stratagy in your head.Try to dtay about 3 steps ahead of the
other player. Once you learn to anticapate
your opponents moves baced on why he or she may do as a rection to your
move you can set yourself up to win the game.
Chess in its simplicity is no more than an advanced game of pacman. Your actions will cause a reaction but once you learn the board it will eventually become a involantary reflex just like blinking.
You will learn what will work and what
wont and it will become 2nd nature if you play often enough.
This is the same way a boxer or a martial artist becomes a champ. He no longer has to think about what his apponent will do. He does it so much so often that he can feel what
his apponent will do. He can block anything based on the body language of the
apponent and the rest he just feels and the reacts
just like the way you blink when something is flicked into your eye.
Dont just become a good chess player.
Become the best.
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