A simple yet fun little game of hang man for you to enjoy Guess the word if you can

Hang Man

Just click the go button to be given a random word then try to guess the letters of that word until You can guess the entire word.
Have fun
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This hangman game is very much like the one we used to play when we were kids in school.Like when the teacher would draw placemarks on the chalk board for letters for us to guess until one of us could figure out the whole word and sometime maybe even win a prize.Its a great way for kids to learn knew words and difficult for me because I cant spell worth a darn even now after all these yrs.So the object of the game is to guess what word the computer is thinking of within a given amount of tries. If you guess to many wrong you get your man hanged. Some of these words I dont even know what they mean but they are all real words I think so Have fun its a great way to pass the time playing this.
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