Ping A.I

Does anyone remember pong? I do I still remember back in the 80's as a kid sitting there on my very first Atari with the paddels. I f I can remember correctly they had a button on the side and a knob in the mille thay I could turn back left or right while watching the ball bounce back and forth on the creen over and over again almost like the game was trying to hypnitize me with its modern ways. My grandma thought it was the devil in a box because all i would do is sit and play this game. I would get up and eat and then go back to playing but little did she know she had not seen anything yet because I had yet to descover games like pac man or space invaders or donkey kong or even worse in the years to come. "super Nintindeo and mario brothers lol." If that really was the devil in a box then that must have made me the spawn of saintan. However I do have to admit my grades at school did drop a little. Anyway my point is that this games is a little like pong.
Game instructions: Pingpong is a game that requires skill and it is that witch makes it loved by many. Usually 2 people play Pingpong. Have you ever thought that it can be played by only one person? Ping AI is a skill game in which you have to beat the artificial intelligence of your computer. The rule is easy. You move the paddel up and down on the board to bounce the tiny sphere and once you miss it, you will lose the game. You must Beat the paddel on the left witch is your apponent "the computer", so keep your attention focused! Enjoy!
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