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This Is A List Of Popular Search Engines .All In One Place To Make It Easier For You To Find What You Need

Most Commonly Used Search Engine`s .-It seems like all you hear about now a days is google,bing and yahoo. Thats almost true because most of the others out there are either powered by bing or powered by google or both.
What happened to our choices. It kinda reminds me of the phone companies back in the day of land lines. When at&t controlled one area and spint controlled another and the two were competing for long distance if only there were more of them things would have been cheaper.
Well I think the same way about the big two search engines. If only there were more of them pay per click would be cheaper as they competed for our money and we would have more freedom. And google would no longer be on their high horse acting as if everyone had to bow to them.
They do things the way they do them only because they have no fear of loosing us to another search engine.
But nothing last for ever even Rome had to fall eventually
One day our choices will be large and we will be free and things like pay per click will be cheaper and there will be more opportunities for us to make money to survive easier.
But that will only happen when we begin to look outside the box and begin to turn our back on the things that try to control us .




*Web Crawler*


*All The Web*

*Ask Jeeves*

*Exact Seek*

ExactSeek: Relevant Web Search




Bigfoot Directories

*Aol Search*

*All The Internet Search*

*Open Directory-Dmoz*



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